One picture, two interpretations

Just to follow up on my last post, here are two interpretations of one of the pictures from the workshop with Tim Pile and Lulu Lockhart.

This was one of the earlier pictures in the day. The upper one is pretty straight from the RAW file, with only minor tweaks in Photoshop. I like it, but the light fitting annoys me a bit as it is spiky and has a feel that seems different to the rest of the picture.

So in the second version, I've tried to soften the effect. l lightened the overall picture in Camera Raw and brought out more shadow detail. Then the light fitting was removed and the painting moved up the wall a bit for balance. Finally I gave a pastel effect overall, and overlaid a texture at low opacity. This is not what I normally do - and again is all about getting me out of my comfort zone!

In the end, I like both interpretations (well, enough to post them here!) Depending on my mood, I like one better than the other.