I was captivated by photography as a teenager, and it has been a continuous passion ever since. We’d always had cameras in the house for family snaps when I was young, and they fascinated me. I bought my first SLR film camera with the proceeds of my first job after I left school: working with this simple manual camera, together with learning how to develop and print black and white film myself, were a great grounding.

Subsequently, work and family took priority in my life, and I haven’t been in a darkroom since my daughter was born.  I bought my first digital SLR in early 2005. I spent that year living and working in New York, my family with me. That experience changed all sorts of things, not least it got me into photography again seriously, and I started to learn Adobe Photoshop and the essence of the digital darkroom. I’ve always been interested in photographing people, either in a street or travel context (as well as the inevitable family snaps): where better than New York to re-energize my photography?

Coming back to the UK, I rediscovered another love from my early years – aviation. I’d always been fascinated by aircraft and everything around them, but around 2007 I realized I was serious about aviation photography. As you’ll see in the portfolios section of this site, I was awarded my LRPS and ARPS distinctions by the Royal Photographic Society for panels of aviation pictures. My aviation photographs have appeared in both printed and online media.

I am currently based in Kent in the South East of England.

For the moment, I am using this site to show some aspects of my aviation and people photography. Having said that, I have very wide interests in photography, so the blog will be wider ranging and anything that interests me may come up. I also share a blog with my great friends Martin Till and Philip Hinton which we call Wonky Horizons: you can find my posts there at this link.


Copyright and availability.

Please note that all pictures on this site are copyright Anthony Baines 2016 and subsequent years. If you would like to use any of them for publication purposes, please contact me.

I’m very open to requests to for photographic services/expertise. I provide classes in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. If you’d like me to cover an aviation event, or if you are a pilot and would like a portrait with your aircraft, I’d welcome you contacting me. I’m always open to an air-to-air photography session, and am happy to share the cost of fuel/oil/beer: please contact me.


Anthony Baines